Engage your child with our best way to learn programming! In today's digital world, preparing kids for success is challenging. Traditional education often lacks the skills needed for the future. The digital future is here, and GoCoding is here to help.

How to Choose the Right Programming Course for Your Child at GoCoding

Selecting the perfect coding course for your child can be a challenging task, but at GoCoding, we make it easy for you. Our diverse range of courses is designed to cater to children of all ages and skill levels. Here’s a guide to help you find the best fit for your child’s learning journey.

Why Choose GoCoding?

GoCoding is a leading coding school for kids in Brooklyn, dedicated to providing high-quality education in a fun and engaging environment. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of elementary school kids and beyond, ensuring that every child can learn to code effectively.

Explore Our Courses

Scratch Class

  • Ideal for: Younger children and beginners
  • What it offers: This course introduces children to the basics of programming using Scratch, a visual programming language that makes learning fun and interactive. Students will learn how to create their own games and animations.

Python Class

  • Ideal for: Intermediate learners
  • What it offers: Python is a versatile and widely-used programming language. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of coding, including syntax, loops, and functions, setting a strong foundation for more advanced programming.

Game Design Class

  • Ideal for: Creative minds interested in gaming
  • What it offers: This course teaches students how to design and develop their own video games. It covers the basics of game mechanics, storytelling, and user experience, providing a comprehensive introduction to game development.

Robotics Class

  • Ideal for: Hands-on learners and tech enthusiasts
  • What it offers: Students will dive into the world of robotics, learning how to build and program robots. This class combines coding with engineering principles, making it perfect for those interested in both technology and mechanics.

Coding Minecraft Class

  • Ideal for: Minecraft fans
  • What it offers: Leveraging the popular game Minecraft, this class teaches children how to code modifications and create custom game elements. It's an engaging way to learn programming concepts through a familiar and enjoyable platform.

Robotics Program

  • Ideal for: Advanced learners
  • What it offers: This comprehensive program covers advanced robotics and coding topics, preparing students for future challenges in the tech world. It includes project-based learning and hands-on experience with various robotic kits.

How to Choose the Right Course

Consider Your Child’s Interests: Identify what excites your child. If they love video games, a game design class might be perfect. For those fascinated by how things work, a robotics class could be the ideal choice.

Assess Their Skill Level: Beginners might benefit most from a Scratch class or Python class, which provide foundational skills. More experienced kids might thrive in our coding Minecraft class or robotics program.

Set Goals: Determine what you want your child to achieve. Are you looking for a fun introduction to coding or a more in-depth learning experience? Setting clear goals will help you choose the right path.

Trial and Flexibility: GoCoding offers trial classes so your child can experience different courses before making a commitment. Flexibility in switching classes ensures your child finds their perfect fit.

Get Started with GoCoding

Enrolling your child in a coding course at GoCoding opens up a world of opportunities. Our expert instructors and comprehensive curriculum ensure that every child can excel in coding and develop critical problem-solving skills. Visit our website at GoCoding to explore all available courses and start your child’s coding adventure today.

Choose GoCoding – where learning to code is fun, engaging, and tailored to your child’s needs.

GoCoding: The Future of Programming for Kids in Brooklyn

In today's digital age, coding skills are increasingly vital. GoCoding, a coding school in Brooklyn, offers unique opportunities for children to develop these skills from an early age. Let's explore why this school is the perfect choice for your child.

Coding for Kids in Brooklyn

GoCoding's curriculum is specifically designed for kids, helping them learn programming basics through engaging and interactive lessons. Our coding school in Brooklyn offers courses suitable for various age groups and skill levels. From simple visual programming languages to more complex text-based languages like Python and JavaScript, we help children understand and enjoy the world of technology.

Benefits of Learning at GoCoding

Personalized Approach

Every child is unique, and at our school, we recognize this by providing a personalized approach to learning. Small class sizes allow our instructors to give each student the attention they need, helping them progress at their own pace.

Summer Camps in Brooklyn

In addition to regular courses, GoCoding offers summer camps in Brooklyn, where kids can immerse themselves in the world of coding for several weeks. These camps are not only educational but also incredibly fun. Children create their own projects, participate in team challenges, and develop skills that will be beneficial in the future.

Online Coding School

For those who prefer to learn from home or cannot attend our Brooklyn classes, we offer an online coding school. GoCoding's online courses are just as effective and engaging as in-person classes. Children can learn at their convenience, interact with instructors via video conferencing, and participate in virtual projects.

Why GoCoding?

  • Experienced Instructors: All our instructors are experienced professionals in programming with years of experience working with children.
  • Interactive Learning: We use modern teaching methods that make the process of learning to code fun and accessible.
  • Future Preparedness: The coding skills children gain at GoCoding prepare them for a successful future, enhancing logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

GoCoding is more than just a coding school. It's a community of tech-savvy kids and teens who learn and grow together. If you're looking for a coding school for your child in Brooklyn or online, join us and discover the exciting world of coding with GoCoding!

Experience our innovative gamification methods designed to captivate and inspire students in their educational programming journey!

In today's fast-paced digital world, it's a real challenge for parents to prepare their children for a successful future. The traditional education system often fails to equip children with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, dear parent, with the abundance of choices out there, wondering how to pave the path for your child's success? You're not alone! The future is digital, and the fear that your child might fall behind without the right tools is valid and urgent.

Welcome to, where we turn this fear into fun and your child's dreams into a reality!

Ignite Your Child's Future with!

Oh, the magic of code! The world of programming isn't just about boring lines of text; it's about creativity, problem-solving, and building something amazing from scratch. At, we believe that every child has the potential to become a digital wizard, and we're here to guide them on this enchanting journey.

Empowering from Age 4 to 15: Age is but a number!

We cater to children as young as 4, immersing them in a world where they can control digital landscapes and create their own computer games. Imagine the gleam in your child's eye as they show you a game they designed themselves!

With us, programming is not just a skill; it's a stepping stone to a brilliant future. We offer internship opportunities at age 16 and prep sessions for interviews with top companies like MAANG. Your child's dreams are our mission!

Who said learning has to be dull? Our courses are designed to be engaging, interactive, and downright enjoyable. With hands-on projects, interactive lessons, and supportive mentors, we transform learning into an adventure.

It's not just about learning a programming language; it's about nurturing creativity, logical thinking, teamwork, and confidence. We focus on the whole child, instilling skills that will last a lifetime.

We understand your concerns, your dreams, and your aspirations for your child. Join the many satisfied parents who have discovered the joy of seeing their children flourish, become confident, and take control of their digital future.

Make the Move Today!

It's time to take the reins of your child's future and guide them toward a path filled with possibilities. Don't let the digital age leave your child behind. Embrace it, enjoy it, and let us help you every step of the way.

Join us for a free trial lesson today at! Let your child experience the magic, meet our incredible mentors, and take the first step towards a bright, successful, and joyous future.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our family. Let's build dreams together!

How do we successfully motivate our students to do their best studies at school and at home?

In an era of technological explosion, active parents face the question: How to nurture a child's interest in learning and prepare them for a successful future?

Some children struggle to find motivation for study, and it can become a barrier to success. How can education be turned into an exciting adventure?

Welcome to, a school where learning becomes a game, and motivation turns into a currency for success!

Motivation Currency: Your Child Will Be Thrilled! Our programming classes are not just lessons; they are fascinating adventures where every child has their own internal currency. Instead of ordinary grades, we've implemented a system that allows children to "earn" and "buy" their favorite items. What they usually ask from their parents can now be a reward for effort and success in learning!

Credit Score for Little Geniuses! How about teaching children financial literacy from a young age? In our school, we've adopted a credit score system analogous to the real American one. Studying, completing programming and finance tasks, attending classes and courses, and passing exams – these are their commitments. We create an environment that impresses with every lesson, and children want to return again and again with even more enthusiasm.

Education That Inspires! At, we pour our hearts into your children's education. We're all about motivation, and we make sure that every lesson is a source of inspiration for them. Our team of professionals teaches not just programming but life skills that will benefit them in the future.

Join Us Today! Don't miss the chance to open a door for your child into a world where learning becomes an exciting journey. Sign up for a free trial] lesson today! Let us introduce you to a world where motivation and inspiration turn into tangible rewards.

We at eagerly await you and are ready to help your child soar to the heights of success!

How do we prepare for the career in Google, Facebook or other Big Tech companies?

Active parents, are you looking to pave the best path to success for your child? The quest to find an education that bridges the gap between learning and real-world skills can be challenging.

Traditional education often falls short in preparing our children for the demands of the modern workforce. How can you ensure your child is not only equipped with technical skills but also ready to face real-world interviews?

Welcome to, where we team up with Algocademy to transform your child's dreams into professional success!

Start Early, Aim High! Our philosophy at is that preparation for real-world success begins early. That's why we focus not only on coding skills but also on preparing children for real job interviews.

Collaboration with Algocademy: The Interview Experts We're excited to collaborate with Algocademy, the leading company in preparing current IT professionals for interviews at the world's top companies. With their expertise, we ensure that our students not only learn to code but also master the skills to excel in challenging technical interviews.

Tech Interview Preparation for MAANG and Beyond Our program is unique in its approach to real-world readiness. At the age of 16, our students begin a course specially designed to prepare them for technical interviews with MAANG and other prestigious firms. We equip them with the confidence and skills needed to shine in any professional setting.

Your Child's Journey from Novice to Pro Through our collaboration with Algocademy, we guide your child from coding fundamentals to complex projects, from internships to acing interviews at globally recognized companies. This is not just education; it's a roadmap to success!

Fun, Exciting, and Professional Our classes are more than informative; they're an adventure! With the talented and passionate instructors and Algocademy's expertise, every lesson is a step towards your child's bright future.

Join Us and Reach for the Stars!

Don't let your child miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for a world of success. Sign up for a free trial lesson today at! Embark on a journey that equips your child with the skills and confidence they need.

Explore Algocademy! Curious about how Algocademy prepares IT professionals for interviews with the best companies globally? Check out their website and discover the magic they bring to the interview preparation process.

Join us now, and together with Algocademy, we'll turn dreams into achievements!


Why should children learn coding?

From age 4, kids can dive into a world of digital creation and join our best platform to learn coding for beginners. Programming isn't just a skill - it's a pathway to success.

Start today with a free trial lesson at our coding classes!


Enhancing problem-solving skills:

Coding serves as a platform for refining problem-solving abilities in children. It instructs them on dissecting intricate problems into smaller, manageable tasks, fostering logical thinking to efficiently arrive at solutions. Importantly, these problem-solving skills extend beyond coding, finding practical applications in various facets of their lives.


Fostering creativity:

By joining programming classes, children gain the opportunity to unleash their creativity by designing one-of-a-kind projects, games, or applications. This not only nurtures their imagination but also enhances their innovation skills.

Confidence and resilience:

Benefits to life:

Engaging in coding lessons not only equips children with valuable technical skills but also presents challenges that, when triumphed over, contribute significantly to the cultivation of confidence and resilience. Learning to code serves as a transformative platform for overcoming hurdles, thereby fostering the development of these essential life qualities.

Confidence and resilience:

Embracing future career opportunities:

In an era of rapid technological advancement, programming skills are gaining heightened importance in the job market. Introducing children to coding at an early age serves as a strategic preparation for future careers in technology-related fields.

Digital literacy:

Digital literacy:

Immersing children in coding, they elevate their digital literacy, gaining profound insights into the technology that surrounds them and its functionalities. This acquired knowledge actively shapes them into responsible digital users.

Collaboration and communication:

Collaboration and communication:

Through the learning journey of coding, children actively participate in team projects, allowing them to develop crucial collaboration and communication skills. These skills extend beyond their academic endeavors, forming the cornerstone for success in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Choose the
right course

In our coding classes, we redefine learning as an exhilarating journey! Rather than conventional grading, we've crafted a distinct motivation system, rewarding students for their dedication. Through our credit score system, we foster financial literacy early on, inspiring engagement in lessons and activities. Beyond programming, our dedicated team nurtures essential life skills vital for success.


Enriching course developing strategic thinking, concentration, logic, time management, and essential skills.

Age: 4-15 y.o



Junior Robotics

Robotics course for hands-on learning, programming, and creative problem-solving.

Age: 4-6 y.o



Middle Robotics

Robotics course for hands-on learning, programming, and creative problem-solving.

Age: 7-9 y.o



Robotics and Electronics

Robotics course for hands-on learning, programming, and creative problem-solving.

Age: 10+ y.o



Basics of Logic and Algorithms

Transform hobbies into learning with game development using ScratchJr

Age: 4-6 y.o



Math and Teamwork in Minecraft

Build, solve, showcase

Age: 4-6 y.o



Game Development in Scratch

Transform hobbies into learning with game development using Scratch

Age: 7-9 y.o



Coding in Minecraft

Programming, AI, building. Engage, create, explore, educate.

Age: 7-9 y.o



3D Game Development in Roblox

Lua programming, multiplayer games in Roblox. Showcase, teamwork, leadership skills.

Age: 9-12 y.o



Mods for Minecraft

Code, Java basics. Your first modification.

Age: 8-10 y.o



Video Blogging

Capture, Edit, Share. Storytelling, Creativity, Digital Skills

Age: 10-15 y.o



Computer literacy

Computer skills, office programs, digital literacy, file management, internet safety.

Age: 7-9 y.o



Effective Presentations

Learn design, Canva, PowerPoint. Engage, impress, succeed.

Age: 8-15 y.o



Cybersecurity and Hacking

Protect data, encrypt with Python, improve security, get rid of trojans, viruses, encryption.

Age: 12-15 y.o



IT Start-Up Development

Entrepreneurial mindset. Idea to prototype. Marketing, finance, online presence.

Age: 12-15 y.o



Professional Game Development

Create 3D games from scratch. Unity, modeling, animation, programming (C#).

Age: 12-15 y.o



Coding in Python

Python programming with real-world projects. Build chatbots with various functionalities.

Age: 12-15 y.o



Website development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Create, publish multi-page websites.

Age: 10-15 y.o



Photoshop and Digital Drawing

Illustrations, stickers, cards, posters, calendars, comics. Portfolio, presentation.

Age: 10-15 y.o




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We asked parents about their experience


We’ve visited Go Coding school last week and was impressed with a wide variety of courses offered and the curriculum. We live far from Brooklyn and decided to take coding class virtually. My son looooved the class to say the least!

Reviews on Google Maps

- Helene

My daughter (6 y.o.) is attending this school for almost 6 months.The school offers a large variety of classes to chose from. So, first we enrolled at Chess and Math in Minecraft, but later we also added Digital Drawing. And each time my daughter goes there with great excitement and enthusiasm. And I consider this to be an important indicator - that the child is feeling happy there and feels free to express her opinion, and of course to learn new, useful and interesting information. She even improved her school results, which makes me happy and thankful to Coding School.

Reviews on Google Maps

- Mila

My 14 and 12 years old sons love this course managed by experienced programmer. Teacher gave strong elaboration and great encouragement throughout the course. It is good start for kids future career. Thank you all.

Reviews on Google Maps

- Slava

This is our first year at Argoprep, what I especially like is that the guys really love what they do and pass it on to the kids. My son enjoys going to every class. He does Robox, learns to code, creates presentations and learns to show them. as a mother, I enjoy the growth of my child on the example of a young team surrounded by kind, creative and active people. Thank you for your work!

Reviews on Google Maps

- Lana

My sister took some courses to help get back into shape after a long covid induced online schooling period. Nothing compares to in person teaching and the staff here are well prepared to do so. My sister actually enjoyed going to classes! Highly recommended!

Reviews on Google Maps

- Daniel

The teacher and staff are really nice and good thank you to the teachers and staff!

Reviews on Google Maps

- Dilnoza

And 120+ reviews on Google Maps

Reviews on Google Maps

- Daniel


Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to study at your school?

If you want to know the cost of our courses, please fill out a request form, and one of our consultants will get back to you shortly with the final price. The cost of the course depends on the package, format offline, and any applicable benefits or current discounts.

Will you return the money if the child does not like the lessons?

Absolutely! We value the satisfaction of our students and their parents.

I am afraid my child will play even more, is this true?

Absolutely not! At our coding school, we focus on nurturing a passion for creating games, which is a completely different and highly beneficial activity from just playing games.

Do you employ students? Is this true?

Yes, we do offer employment opportunities for students who are 16 years old and above. We believe in providing part-time opportunities to our young talents, offering them the easiest and fastest path to gain practical experience and enhance their skills.